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RC Car Guide for Beginners

I brought up 3 boys and each one messed around with a variety of RC truck and planes. We had and have a lot of fun, however, the learning curve was steep and it was tough to get good advice.

RC Car or Truck , Hobby stores , deal in, RC cars and trucks...... guess what sort of direction they're going to hand you. Obviously, a store owner want people to buy their RC Truck and Car...... so can you imagine who deals the most perfect RC Truck or Car. Whenever you visit Chris's RC Truck or Car, he has the most perfect. If you visit Liz's RC Car and truck Place of business, they say theirs is the most effective. Yep, you found out the hard method.

We authored this traditional remedy to RC Car known as "RC truck Hints for Fathers" it will support you with determining what variety of RC truck is easier to start with, gas and maybe electric and a whole variety of various opinions.

Simply snap up the complete ebook of RC truck Hints for Fathers by clicking on the link RC CARS. The entire book can be downloaded and you can begin reading the book in a matter of minutes, you should print it out and take this ebook with you or read it with your RC Cars and Trucks friend! You can read it on every operating systems.

Or...hand me your information and I'll mail you the most important couple of chapters free of charge. Besides, I occaisonally discover a number of dependable deals, I'll send you a line once that occurs.

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So ...you are looking into in RC Car and planes. As well, you're wet behind the ears at this and you don't really know where to start. You're fascinated by RC Cars and Trucks. You're not sure whether to buy a nitro (gas) version or an electric version. Both of them look neat.

Another question...should I buy a package or a kit that is suppose to involve all you need? Ya know...you can botch the entire experience if you pick the wrong RC kit.

RC implies radio controlled. What are the rules and limits to the kind of radio I could use. What happens when I want to try my RC Car or Truck with my acquaintances? What happens if we use at times the equal channel?

Let it be known, if I possessed a RC Truck hobby store and you came and started spewing a whole bunch of various inquiries, if I were kinda dishonest and/or only thinking about my sales for the day....well, I would probably tell anybody almost anything and you would surely trust me. I am not saying RC hobby outlet owners are unscrupulous, but the poor guys actually don't receive 100's of enthusiasts each business day and the owners require to pay store overhead. The local RC Truck or Car hobby shop proprietor is a beneficial guy/gal to find out about. The additional you encounter them, indicate to them that you know what you're discussing and ask their advice in an well-informed way....well, they'll become a genuinely big aid for you and you can help them by buying your rc cars and rc trucks with rc associated items through these owners.

Great.....how do you get past that beginning learning curve? How do you learn the fundamental principles? I will show the way! I wrote an e-book, entitled RC Truck and Car Hints for Novices Double click on where link and you'll be able puchase RC Truck and Car Hints for Novices right now, snatch it and read it on your computer or print it and give it to your son.

In the yellow box at the left end of this website is a unique I am making to you. You'll download the beginning few parts for no cost, including the the great pics. Much more....if you like what you discover you might buy the full resource, RC Truck and Car Hints for Novices

To show you what a neat individual I could be. I've involved different of the chapters from the ebook in the ensuing web sites. Double click on the url's indicated and each of the following webpages will include a section from the ebook. Please remember these pages are copyrighted and protected pages, so you shouldn't copy them or print the pages out. Listen...The e-book RC Car Guide for Beginners is only $9.97, I ensure the book will get you off properly. It is a drop in the bucket when getting ready for the expensive investment you must be just about to make and I might prevent you from making a mistake that will cost you a good deal of cash or altogether wreck the starting of your RC Truck and Car experience. Why don't you do yourself a favor and come by www.RcCar-Truck.com and purchase the book that will obviously help you get moving with your RC Cars and Trucks endeavors. Enjoy the remainder of this website. I have involved other url's that'll go to superior providers of RC Car and accesories. Why don't you do yourself a favor and study from my trials and tribulations.

All-right, get ready to consider a few of the procedures of RC Truck or Car messing around:




To give you an idea of the amount of variety available when it comes to scale, this is a brief rundown of the sizes of nitro RC’s on the market today, as given by a prominent web retailer (http://www.shipshewanatoys.com):

• 1/10 scale touring cars:
Engine powered touring cars can be extremely fast, reaching speeds up to 55mph. As with electric touring cars, nitro vehicles feature 4WD and realistic body lines, and are only meant for on-road use.
• 1/10 scale stadium trucks:
Nitro stadium trucks are identical to electric stadium trucks, except for the engine power. They're suitable for racing or recreation, on or off road, averaging a peak speed of about 30mph.
• 1/8 scale monster trucks:
These monsters are equipped with major horsepower. Consequently, they can travel on-road and off-road up to 40 mph, tearing through and over anything in its path!
• 1/8 scale buggies:
Similar to other 1/8 scale vehicles, they have the power to traverse rough terrain on-road and off-road, are very durable, and travel up to 60mph.
• 1/8 scale on-road cars:
The revolution of RC performance, these vehicles reach speeds of close to 80mph, coming standard with shifting 2- or 3-speed transmission. Intended for experienced enthusiasts, their foam tires provide tremendous grip, and they are suitable for smooth on-road courses only.

RC Micro and Mini Cars
The most recent development in RC in the last decade or so has been the introduction of micro and mini-sized RC from Japan and throughout Asia. These tiny but powerful little RC’s offer the same racing excitement as the big boys for only a fraction of the cost.

Only recently introduced to the North American market from Asia by
companies like Radio Shack, micro RC’s offer an extremely low price-point for out-of-the-box racing fun. Priced at $50 or less, these are a great choice for a driver not ready for a full-sized RC or a newcomer to RC racing who wants to see what all the fuss is about.


My brother-in-law set up a track in his basement Once a week, he and his friends get together, with various refreshments, they race each other. They’ve rediscovered their childhood ?

Measuring only 2 ˝” inches long, micro RC’s feature the same kind of motor that makes your cell phone vibrate. Best of all, these little engines are interchangeable, so you can tweak you micro RC with a different motor for more speed. Specialty tires and hubcaps can be added to customize the look of your micro RC, as well as enhancements to the torsion and steering controls.

Mini and micro RC’s are always ready to run, right out of the box. Your little RC will come with the following:

• rubber non-stick tires
• micro scale working engine
• realistic, running chassis
• receiver and circuit board
• transmitter
• customizable body

The greatest advantage these little cars offer is their versatility. Unlike the noisy, smoky nitro cars, or the load hum of an electric race, micro RC’s are clean and quiet. They can be run indoors or out, even in your garage or basement. This means you don’t have to wait until the next race to run your car—these are small enough you can drive them anywhere.

I'm sure you're starting to notice that getting started in the hobby of RC Car or Truck racing will be a little more than making a purchase of an RC Truck or Car, proceeding outdoors and giving it a go. The wisdom you reach in RC Car will be derived from your experience....that is real hand's on experience, actually crashing a couple of times, looking for the pieces and rebuilding and trying it out again. A second supply of understanding might come from the friendships you create by joining clubs, hanging around at tracks and hanging out in hobby stores. You'll ran into some good RC Car and truck fans, most will be anxious to share and give you a hand.

All of a sudden it will be you that's dedicating a helping hand to the kid or guy who has a puzzled facial expression on their face,

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there's nothing equivilant to the gratification you develop from telling someone your tribulations and trials, what rc cars to avoid and what RC Car and truck to get, and then how to repair your RC Truck and Car! Getting started is fun, do not allow a few smashes or objectionable experiences disappoint you.

Buying the beginning RC truck has been known to be sort of confusing, grab an excellent beginners RC Truck and Car, if you don't have a great local RC truck hobby store near you, you can find a number of cheap RC Car and truck Hobby suppliers on the net the best is Hobbytron, they have a cheap choice of RC Car and they have marvellous helpful service, hobbytron.com by all odds the better. Click here Hobbytron for RC Car. Return to the head of the report and you'll locate a link that will take you back to the Index RC Car website or the Next RC Car or Truck page or the Previous RC Truck and Car page.

Think....The e-book RC Truck and Car Hints for Starters is merely $9.97, I guaranty reading this book will get anyone off on the right foot.

Get fanatical about RC Truck or Car puttering!

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