"RC Car and Truck Guide
For Beginners"

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RC Car Guide for Beginners

I have 3 boys and all of them messed around with a variety of RC cars, trucks and planes. We had and have a lot of fun, however, there was a lot to learn and it was pretty difficult to get good advice.

RC Hobby stores sell RC cars and trucks, guess what kind of advice they're going to give you. Obviously they want you to buy their RC cars and trucks, so guess who has the best rc cars. If you go to Joe's RC cars, he has the best. If you go to Fred's RC cars Store, he has the best. Yep, we learned the hard way.

I put together this basic guide to rc cars and trucks called "RC Car Guide for Beginners" it will help you with deciding what type of car is better, gas or electric and a whole variety of questions.

You can pick up the complete version of RC Car Guide for Beginners by clicking here RC CARS. The entire book can be downloaded and you'll be reading it in minutes, print it out and take it with you or give it to your RC partner! Readable on all computers.

Or...give me your name and email addess and I'll send you the first couple of chapters free of charge. Also, I occaisonally run into some pretty good deals, I'll drop you a line when that happens.

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So ...you're interested in RC cars, trucks and planes. Also, you are new at this and you don't really know where to start. You're fascinated by RC cars and trucks. You don't know whether to get a nitro (gas) version or an electric version. They both look really cool.

Another question...should I get a kit or one of those packages that is suppose to include everything? My advice...you'll spoil the entire experience if you make the wrong RC decision.

RC means radio controlled. Are there laws and limits to what kind of radio I can use. What happens when I want to run my RC car or truck with my friends? What if we all have the same frequencies?

I tell ya, if I owned a RC hobby store and you came in and asked me a whole bunch of questions, if I were a little dishonest or only interested in my sales for the day....well, I could tell you about anything and you'd probably believe me. I'm not saying RC hobby store owners are dishonest, but the poor guys really don't get 100's of customers a day and they do need to pay the overhead. Your local RC hobby store owner is a good guy/gal to get to know. The more you see them, show them that you know what you're talking about and ask their advice in an intelligent manner....well, they will a great big help to you and you'll help them by purchasing your rc cars and trucks and accessories from them.


So.....how do you get past that initial learning curve? How do you learn the basics? I can help! I wrote an ebook, called RC Car Guide for Beginners Click on that link and you can puchase RC Car Guide for Beginners right now, download it and read it on your computer or print it out.

In the box on the left side of this web page is an offer I'm making to you. You can download the first couple of chapers free, complete with pretty pictures. Really....if you like what you see you can purchase the entire ebook, RC Car Guide for Beginners

To show you what a great guy I am. I've included some of the pages from the book in the following web pages. Click on the links below and each webpage will have a page or two from the book. Remeber these are copyrighted pages, so you can't copy them or print them out. Listen...The ebook RC Car Guide for Beginners is only $9.97, I guarantee it will get you off on the right foot. Its a small price to pay for the huge investment you're about to make and I just might keep you from making a mistake that will cost you alot of money or completely spoil the start of your RC car experience. Do yourself a favor and stop by www.RcCar-Truck.com and pick up the ebook that will really help you get started with your RC car experience. Enjoy the rest of this website. I've included some links that will lead to quality suppliers of RC cars, trucks and accesories. Do yourself a favor and learn from my mistakes.

OK, let's take a look at some of the in's and out's of RC car and truck racing:

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rc cars-page# 21
rc cars-page# 22
rc cars-page# 23
rc cars-page# 24
rc cars-page# 25
rc cars-page# 26
rc cars-page# 27
rc cars-page# 28
rc cars-page# 29
rc cars-page# 30
rc cars-page# 31

As you start to read, you'll begin to notice that messing around in the hobby of RC Car and truck racing is a little more than buying an RC car or truck, stepping outside and having a go at it. The knowledge you gain in RC cars is going to come from your experience....that is hand's on experience, actually crashing a couple of times, finding the

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pieces and putting them back together and getting out there once again. Another source of knowledge will come from the relationships you gain by joining clubs, hanging around at tracks and visiting hobby stores. You'll meet some great RC car people, most willing to share and give you a hand.

At some point it will be you who is giving a helping hand to the kid or guy who has a puzzled look on his face, there's nothing like the satisfaction you get from telling someone of your trials and tribulations, what rc cars to avoid and what RC cars and trucks to buy, and then how to fix your rc car or truck! Getting started is fun, don't let a few crashes or unpleasant experiences get you down.

Buying your first RC car can be a bit unnerving, get a good beginners rc car, if you don't have a good local rc hobby shop nearby, there are some great RC Hobby stores online one of them is Hobbytron, they have a great selection of RC cars and trucks along with fantastic service, they are definitely one of the best. Click on Hobbytron for RC Cars. Go back to the top of the page and you can click on the link to go back to the Home RC car page or the Next RC Car page or the Previous RC car page.

Remember....The ebook RC Car Guide for Beginners is only $9.97, I guarantee it will get you off on the right foot.

Happy RC racing!

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